Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Super Powers Project A.P. Studio

Super Power Illustration.

Create a superpower that you have always wanted to have.
On a 9x12 piece of bristol board, draw the composition in pencil and finish with pen and ink.

1.  It must have a title.
2.  It must have an origin story.  Where did the power come from?
3.  It must have a connection to your real life. (why, how, what, where.)
4.  You must illustrate the pros and cons of the superpower.
5.  You must use a visual means to direct the eyes through the composition.

Teachers Examples...

Student Examples

The Gunion.

The Gunion
Student: “I love Star Wars, don’t you?”
Teacher: “It’s okay. I like the new ones better than those boring old ones.”
Student: “What?! The only good things in the new ones were the Gungans. Do you remember them?”
Teacher: “Did you say ‘Gunions?’ Did they look like this?” (see below)
Student: “No!”

Credit to Corey Aumiller Super teacher.

And with that, the Gunion was born.

The Project

You are to create a visual pun. Your goal is to find two simple objects that can be morphed into one. 

Begin by thinking of words that share similar sounding prefixes and suffixes. 

Choose simple objects like the ones below:

Gun  +  Onion  =  Gunion

Thumb  +  Umbrella  =  Thumbrella

Napoleon Bonaparte + Part Time Job = Napoleon Bona-part-time-job
(Okay this one isn’t simple. But it’s hilarious)

_________________  + _________________  =  __________________