Monday, May 01, 2017

Political or Social Cartooning.

Class exercise for Drawing 3 students at Hilliard Davidson.
Key artists



                           Scott Santis


                         Jeff Stahler

Social  Cartoons

                                 Bruce Eric Kaplan                      

                                      Roz Chast

Political Cartooning 101

Political cartoons provide an important record of the times. They reflect the values, conflicts and important issues in a society. Analyzing political cartoons will allow students to develop both factual knowledge and interpretive skills. It is easiest to teach this skill using a current event with which students are familiar. Once the students have mastered the analysis of current events, they should able to approach similar tasks with historical cartoons and drawings.( From the Kennedy Center’s Artsedge program.

Political Commentary
Social commentary
Jeff Stahler Columbus Dispatch
Scott Stantis Chicago Tribune

The Project.
1. Find a popular culture event  or headline from the news that is ripe for skewering.  Analyze the meaning.  What does it connect to in our culture?  Social mores? Political leanings?

2. In your sketchbook, think up two separate ideas for the same event or situation you are skewering/satirizing.

3. On a good piece of Bristol board, sketch in pencil first.  Pen and ink next. Minimal watercolor for emphasis or value.

Student Work

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Matière Self Portraits and still lifes: After Black Mountain College

 After a field trip to the Wexner Center's Look Before you leap exhibit, we discussed the importance of play in artmaking.  Each student was asked to participate and bring in goodies for the shoot.  Discussion about lighting and posing was minimal.

Matière Self Portraits and still lifes: After Black Mountain College
We are going to be shooting photographs over the course of 4 class periods(2 Block periods.)  You will be tasked with having to light and shoot at least 10 separate self portraits and at least 5 Matière still lifes(You may shoot with Ipad, Iphone, or camera).

All of you must bring in 5 things(put them in a plastic bag, nothing of extreme value).  This will be graded as a homework grade.  Due tomorrow.

1.     A piece of found cloth(large or small, sheet, lace, etc.)
2.     Natural objects(pine combs, seeds, dried flowers
3.     A glass object.
4.     A piece of clothing that is not yours and is timeless.
5.     A handheld human made object

At the end of shooting, we will share the photos with each other and discuss the possibilities of found objects as art making tools/props.